If you have tried one or more of the following stop-smoking methods - nicotine replacement gums/patches/lozenges, stop smoking pills or shots, hypnosis, acupuncture, cold turkey - but, these methods failed to help you stop smoking permanently, do not despair. We can help!

We offer smoking cessation therapies that address the physical, psychological, and habitual nature of smoking cigarettes.

Our stop smoking methods do not require superhuman willpower!


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Our cutting edge behavior modification techniques make stopping smoking a breeze.

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If you find comfort in smoking cigarettes because you believe smoking lessens your stress, or your appetite, and you enjoy smoking when socializing / drinking, but you want to kick this unhealthy habit, yet you feel addicted and helpless to stop on your own, you have arrived at the right place. Our smoking cessation therapies actually work, cause no side effects, and do not require the use of gum, patches, shots, pills, or willpower. We’ve helped hundreds of people stop smoking for good. We can help you, too.

Clients report that the advantages of living smoke-free (improved stamina and energy, younger looking, healthier skin, a more attractive smile, increased self-esteem and reduced levels of stress) far outweigh the advantages of smoking (we can’t name a single one!).

It’s easy to transition from your last cigarette to increased vitality, without withdrawal symptoms. Our results-oriented stop smoking therapies including laser, counceling and hypnosis, flip the switch on your dependence upon cigarettes, suddenly and permanently. Call us to speak with one of our smoking cessation professionals and learn how easy it is to live without cigarettes.


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